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The dissolution of artificial thrombus by natto !

(Offered by Professor Hiroyuki Sumi of Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts.)

Natto is Japanese healthy food. Ichizenkai Inc. manufactures the powder
extracted from natto. The powder contains nattokinase, vitamin
K2(menaquinon-7), and natto fungus. These are materials found only in
natto. Natofemin contains highly refined natto powder.

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ICHIZENKAI Inc. ships Nattokinase NATOFEMIN directly from Japan to most locations worldwide. 
The price of one pack (60 capsules for 30 days ) is $50.Shipping is free.

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All goodness in natto
Nattokinase is the enzyme yielded by natto fungus. 
It has ability to dissolve the blood clot of thrombus. Natofemin
contains the strongest nattokinase richly.  Each Natofemin capsule
contains 70mg of powder extracted from natto. The strength of it is
22,000FU per gram. So each capsule has 1540FU. 
Other materials
Natofemin contains also vitamin E , EPA and DHA. 
These are contained richly in Japanese traditional food, and help the
action of natto materials. 
Vitamin K2(menaquinon-7)
Vitamin K2(menaquinon-7) is also yielded by natto fungus. 
It has various actions. Especially it works important action in
formation of bone. Vitamin K2 and calcium contained in Natofemin will
prevent osteoporosis. But persons taking warfarin must not take
Natofemin. For the special needs of them other product is developed.
Two capsules for every day
Take two capsules for every day. 
If possible, it is better for you to take one capsule on the morning,
and one capsule at bed time.
In the case of taking airplane, 
take 2 capsules at boarding time, and more 2 capsules every after 8
Natto fungus
The ingested natto fungus become intestinal bacteria 
like as lactobacillis, and work arranging intestinal order. In Japan
natto fungus therapy is popular for diet.
website orders
Nattokinase NATOFEMIN
One pack (60 capsules for 30 days ) is $50.Shipping is free.


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