The miracle effectiveness of the contraceptive pills in Japan

Did Japan start for the modernization of birth control?

A certain researcher in US wrote in 1996 3 years before the legalization of the contraceptive pills in Japan: 1
If the leitmotif of government policy became 'The Pill Yes! Abortion No!,' birth control in Japan would be modernized by 50 years.
Now 12 years have passed since the legalization of the pill.
Did Japan start for the modernization of birth control?

We remember no one was positive to introduce the pill; government, physicians and women. The government only wanted the appearance of already approved. An aspect of their policy is shown in the Wikipedia following.

Japanese females who use the pill is only 1.3 percent. The government adopts a shrewd policy that makes women avoid using pills.

Japanese Miracle:
The failure rates in typical use of COC's are only 0.13%

The failure rates in typical use of the combined oral contraceptive pill are 8% usually.
But the failure rates in Japan may be unbelievably low.
A famous female doctor describes proudly in her blog:

Why the rate in Japan is such low?

Secret rules to reduce failure rates.

It is believed that the missed pills increase the chance of pregnancy.
But a miracle might happen in Japan.
The Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology published an unique guideline for COCs taking in 1999.
It recommends: if you missed any tablets for 2 or more days,
stop taking pill and wait the menstruation.
We consider this is very dangerous why she may become pregnant before menstruation.
So we have required the changes of description in the guideline.
But it continues till now even after 2nd version in 2005.
Then they said that their guideline was supported by the WHO's "SELECTED PRACTICE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CONTRACEPTIVE USE" Second edition, 2004.
In it no additional method is required for one tablet messed.
But each is thoroughly different.
The following is the web site of Japanese Family Planning Association Clinic.
In this Dr. Kunio Kitamura, the Japanese authority of birth control, explains the guideline.

Do you know the secret of this rules.
If she abides by this rules, she will face the risk of pregnancy frequently.
So she needs indispensably taking a double method with a condom.
This is the reason of the low failure rate and low diffusion rate of pill.

Most expensive pills in the world

1.3 percent of pill takers rate is rather strange high rate.
Who takes the pill that does not prevent pregnancy effectively?
There is another secret.
Lunabell is a pill brand contained 1mg of NET and 35 mcg of EE.
It is common pill.
But it is not approved as contraceptive pill but medicine only for endometriosis and so on.
This means government came back to the traditional policy.
The middle dose pills were approved as medicines without contraceptive effect in Japan before 1999.
The government decided the price of it 87 USD per package and covered it with insurance.
Yaz followed Lunabell.
Yaz is a popular contraceptive pills in any countries, but it is not available for contraception in Japan.
The most expensive pills in the world were the means to deprive Japanese women of pills for contraceptive use.

We wish Japanese women obtain the modern method of contraception.
So we hold this web site since 1999.

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